Welcome to eDocuments™

eDocuments™ solves the mystery of how to provide collaboration tools between distant parties so that everyone involved not only knows the status of a project but can easily determine who did what and when they did it and - most importantly - if taking that next step in the process of project execution has been duly authorized.

Through our online realtime patent-pending campaign creation tool eDocuments™, you can control every step of your campaign or persuasive project from the initial draft of your creative staff to the final approval prior to plan execution.

The eDocuments™ campaign tool allows the error-free collection or your campaign data for both Gift Safe™ and Faxography™ campaigns. With our eDocuments™ system what was once laborious, boring and nerve-wracking now has been converted into a joyful and creative period.

The eDocuments™ management system provides:

1. Multiparty collaboration so your creative talent can provide you ideas and textual postures while you yet maintain full editorial control and authorship.

2. No need to email your campaign creative material! WOW what a relief! All material will reside in your own section of eDocuments™ that is accessible by you and your designated agents. There, in one place, you can work and collaborate together. Forever gone is the lost edit and the confusion caused by an endless circle of emails to your approval groups.

3. Cloning of prior campaigns so you are able to reduce repetitive, time-consuming but repeated tasks.

4. Record maintenance so you can look back at the entirety of your campaigning from beginning to end.

5. Reporting and accounting functions so your record keeping is vastly simpler.

We look forward to be of service to you and hope you will work with us through the inevitable system changes and upgrades so that what we envision can to turned into what you need to make your campaigning a brighter and happier part of your lives.